How are ALP pipettes sterilized ?


All our sterile pipettes are Gamma irradiated (a "γ" label turns red during irradiation).



Where can I purchase ALP pipettes ?


Only through a network of distributors.

Please contact us to get name and address of your nearest ALP distributor.



How accurate are ALP pipettes ?


Accuracy is min. 98% at full volume.



Are ALP pipettes suitable for tissue culture applications ?


Yes. ALP pipettes are guaranteed non cytotoxic.



What are the guarantees offered by ALP pipettes ?


Sterile pipettes are guaranteed non cytotoxic, non haemolytic, non pyrogenic.



Which material is used to manufacture ALP pipettes ?


ALP pipettes are made out in crystal polystyrene.

Please check polystyrene resistance chart.



May I sterilize ALP pipettes again ?


No. ALP pipettes are disposable  pipettes, i.e. single use pipettes.

They must be destroyed after use, according to your disposal procedures.

Polystyrene is not autoclavable !