Technical features

High accuracy disposable serological pipettes in polystyrene.

One piece construction :

  • no seal = no sample hang up
  • no seal = higher resistance

Colour coded plug (exclusive ALP patent).

Fine graduations increase accuracy and ease reading. Permanent and relief printing.

Accuracy >98% at full volume.

ALP pipettes suit for use with any pipetting device.


Choose from different packaging configurations:

  • Sterile individual : paper/plastic wrap, with "fibre free" paper
  • Sterile bulk : plastic bags
  • Non sterile : plastic “zip-lock” bags

Standard size of cases for easy palletising. 4 inner boxes per outer case.


Pipettes are gamma irradiated.

Sterile pipettes are non pyrogenic, non cytotoxic, non haemolytic.


All sterile bags are lot numbered.

Bar-codes on all cases and boxes (every case has a unique bar-code).

Certificates of conformity.